Homeowner’s Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall is a busy time for homeowners. There are leaves to rake, gardens to plant, and windows to wash. But there’s another crucial home maintenance task that you should focus on in the fall — preparing your house for winter.

If you want to keep your house warm and comfortable all during the cold months of winter, we have prepared a full home maintenance checklist. Let’s have a look at these home maintenance tips for new homeowners!

Clean the Gutters

The first home maintenance tip is inspecting gutters. Look up at your gutters and make sure they are clean, with no leaves or other debris building up inside the gutter. If you see that they need to be cleaned, use a long ladder to clean out gutters and downspouts from the top of your house. 

Don’t forget to inspect for leaks in your gutters by looking for bubbling paint or stains on exterior walls. Check if there are any loose nails or screws as well as cracked joints or missing pieces in gutter systems, which can result in water damage over time if left unchecked.

If there are any damaged areas in your guttering system that need repair, now is a good time to fix them before winter sets in since it will be difficult later on.

Clean out gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage from overflowing onto your roof. You can also inspect your siding for any cracks or missing pieces. If there are any issues with these areas, they’ll need to be repaired before winter hits hard with heavy winds and snowfall. 

Check for Drafts

Another home maintenance tip is checking your drafts. A draft is simply a flow of air from inside or outside your home that causes the temperature to change. Many homeowners will feel drafts in different areas of the house:

  • Check for drafts in the attic, basement and near windows and doors.
  • Next, check around fireplace flues, chimneys, and water heaters for any signs of a draft.
  • Finally, inspect heating vents and pipes for leaks or openings where drafts could be entering your home.

You must pay close attention to your windows and doors in particular. With that in mind, go closer to your window and put your hand to feel if there is any breeze coming out from outside. If you feel a breeze and touch the window and find it cold, this means that you need to replace your windows. You can consider installing energy-efficient windows and doors to keep the warmth inside and cold out. This way you will save money on utility bills and won’t feel cold when winter comes.  

Inspect the Roof

When there is a storm, heavy rain, icy winds, and winter, your roof is the first thing that protects your home against them. So, we couldn’t overlook the importance of checking a roof for fall home maintenance. With that in mind, opt for a professional inspector to spot the damage. You can use our Real Estream app for services at home to find experts for any real estate service.  

For visible issues, you can check your roof for leaks, damaged shingles, loose nails, and damaged flashing on eaves and around vents, chimneys and gutters. Check the roof’s water tightness by looking at seams between boards to make sure they are sealed up properly. If you see any gaps in the sealant, this could be a sign of a leaky roof that needs attention. Make sure all downspouts are connected to drains that run away from your house. Blockages can cause flooding in your home during heavy rains or snow melts — especially if you don’t have gutters.

By having your roof inspected, you may stop any threats before they become serious, feel safe during the cold months, and increase the roof’s lifespan.

Blow Out Sprinkler System

The next step in your fall maintenance checklist is blowing out the sprinkler system. When the fall season comes around, it’s time to blow out your sprinkler system. If you haven’t already done this, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Turn off the water supply to the system at the main valve. Make sure all of your sprinklers are turned off and that none of the heads is spraying water.
  • Use a compressed air nozzle to blow the water out of each head in turn. You can find these at most hardware stores.
  • Once your head is clear of water, replace any missing washers or O-rings as necessary.
  • Turn on your main valve and check for leaks around each head and in your mainline pipe before putting everything back together again.

Take Care of Your Garden

Garden maintenance is yet another element on your fall maintenance agenda. The cooler fall weather means there will be less sunshine hitting your yard during daylight hours — which means these plants will start growing slower than they did during summertime. 

Fall is a great time to get out there and trim back any overgrown shrubs or plants that may have taken over your yard. This will help prevent them from becoming too large in the winter and make your yard look more presentable when spring rolls around again. It’s the perfect time to trim trees and shrubs, prune hedges, and take care of your garden maintenance.

Inspect and Clean Chimney

We would highly recommend having a professional clean your chimney. Chimneys are typically cleaned twice a year, but this is especially important if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Check for cracks or creosote buildup and damage on the inside of the chimney. If you find any damage, like cracks or holes, get it repaired immediately by a professional so that it doesn’t lead to bigger problems down the road.

Schedule an Annual Boiler Tune-up

It’s recommended that you schedule an annual boiler tune-up for annual home maintenance. A boiler is an essential part of your home’s central heating system, and the right professional can make sure it’s working properly before the colder months hit.

A boiler tune-up is a comprehensive inspection of the system that ensures all components are functioning properly. This includes checking for leaks and installing insulation where necessary. Additionally, a trained technician will ensure that your system has been installed correctly and safely by using industry guidelines to determine if there are any issues with its placement or operation.

Prep Your Air Conditioning (AC)

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your AC is ready to handle what fall has to offer. The first thing you’ll want to do is check the filters. If they’re dirty or clogged with dust, replace them. Next, clean any coils and fans with a mild soap and water solution. Then, close all doors and windows around the unit so that no leaves or other debris can get inside. Finally, turn off the power switch at the breaker box if you don’t plan on using it for several days

Consider this seasonal house maintenance checklist to ensure that you are prepared for colder months. Don’t hesitate to contact us since our app provides you with over 20 home maintenance services and gives you access to local professionals in any real estate service. 

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