Homeownership Made Easy With Real Estream

Canadian homeowners occasionally make the mistake of failing to inspect their properties or attempting to handle the expert work themselves. However, when becoming a homeowner, you need to find real estate services to handle all your needs, for which you have to refer to a one-stop shop, such as the Real Estream app. 

If you are a realtor wanting to provide your clients with real estate support services or a buyer or seller who needs help with a home inspection, plumbing, carpet cleaning or anything else, you can’t neglect the importance of our home repair services app

Let’s see how home ownership is made easy with the Real Estream app!

1. Easy Access to Local Professionals

When thinking of home ownership in Canada, you cannot overlook the importance of finding the best professionals for managing real estate services in your local area. Real Estream is a home service app that provides simple access to nearby experts and is practical, adaptable, and cost-effective. Whether you require an electrician, a home inspector, an interior designer, a landscaper, a handyman, or another professional, our experts have the skills and resources to assist you with all of the above mentioned services and even more.

Let’s review the scenario in which you are maybe looking for home inspection services. When buyers try to purchase a home, many of them look for home inspection to see visible (e.g. cracks, discolouration) and invisible (e.g. gas or water leakage) issues within the house. While the buyer can evaluate any obvious issues themselves, they will require specialized assistance and equipment for invisible problems. This is when our app for realtors and buyers comes to rescue as it can use the Real Estream app for finding a trustworthy home inspector. When starting the home buying and selling process you can use our one-stop shop and find home inspectors to check your home.

And that’s not all. In case you want to access cleaning and photographic services, you will surely find those on our app. This means that you don’t need to search far and wide for professionals since you may reach many of them through our app.

2. More Clients for Realtors

We know how realtors feel overwhelmed when they have to manage so many real estate services. When you are a realtor and want to install a “for Sale” sign, look for staging the property, and get the help of professionals to clean the home, you cannot overlook the importance of our app. By using Real Estream, you can help potential buyers get the best experience, as you will provide a full package of home services, by connecting them with professionals that can work for their home’s staging, interior design, cleaning, etc. This way you will boost your trust and make new clients come back to you. 

3. Over 20 Real Estate-Related Services 

Do you wonder how your Canada home ownership becomes easy with the Real Estream app? Imagine how much time you will save thanks to our app that provides over 20 real estate-related services. You can schedule appointments for services like carpet cleaning, photography, home inspections, mortgage financing, cleaning, plumbing, staging and design, sign creation, sign installation, and more — and all of these are in one spot. Imagine how you can benefit from these services as a home buyer, seller, or anyone who needs some work done on their house.

4. Available for All Devices

Another benefit is that the Real Estream app is available on all devices and is mobile-friendly which makes it easy to access the app and real estate services by only using your phone. And the good thing is that you can quickly see the cost of each service and manage your budget accordingly. And since we provide 24/7 support, you will find easy and quick solutions to all your real estate needs in no time. 

Easy to Use the App

Booking services is a breeze with our app. All is left is to do the following: 

  • Download the app.
  • Look for the services that you require.
  • After finding, see the price, and select the time, date, and location.
  • Provide a small description or images if applicable, and send us the request.
  • The professional will see your request and accept it. 
  • You will see the process of your request from the acceptance, in progress to done via the app. 
  • You can pay for the service right on the app.

Our Favourite Three Features of the Real Estream Pro App

The app for services at home has many features and as a user of it, you’ll find homeownership made easier. Our favourite features of the app include the following: 

  • The app helps realtors become one of the best professionals for their clients since they deliver end-to-end real estate support services and connect with buyers and sellers in innovative ways.
  • The app helps to access local professionals and opens new opportunities for experts since they can download the app and connect with users that need their services and professional hand. This way, professionals can have a job as well. 
  • Real Estream helps users access over 20 real estate services and make their homeownership process smooth, affordable, and fast.  

Homeowner Tips by Real Estream

Homeownership is an investment that lasts a lifetime — but it can be stressful and intimidating at first. Now since you know that our app will make your life much easier, it’s time to go through some of the essential homeowner tips that our team compiled for you: 

  • Find a trustworthy handyman for your home service needs and don’t do professional work by yourself to avoid potential risks and threats.
  • Change the locks and get new keys for security once you buy a home.
  • Find good homeowner insurance.
  • Consider deep cleaning of the home before moving in.
  • Consider the financial incentives of home ownership
  • Before buying a home, ask a home inspector to perform an inspection to be sure that there are no maintenance issues.
  • To make sure everything goes smoothly, we recommend having movers help with the heavy lifting and packing up your belongings before they arrive at your new place. By the way, we can quickly provide you with two skilled movers and one truck for all your moving and delivery needs since our app has these services as well.

We know that getting started on the path to homeownership can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we started Real Estream — to help make the process easier for Canadians who want to become homeowners. Our goal is simple — we want to help people achieve their dream of owning a home, accessing real estate services, and finding local professionals as quickly and easily as possible.

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