Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Book Carpet cleaning on-site to ensure you get a fast and reliable service. Our Real Estream Pros will make any carpet look new again!

Carpet can trap sources of indoor air pollutants like dust, dirt and various scents. This is can lead to children and adults suffering an increased risk of asthma or allergies. Our professional carpet cleaning services will help ensure the carpet is free from dirt or other allergens. we can help you eliminate pollutants, get rid of dust mites, and prevent mould growth, all while caring for the environment.
A minimum of two rooms is required

How It Works

Step 1

Download our Real Estream app

Step 2

Book an appointment for duct and anti-bacterial cleaning services

Step 3

Confirm appointment

Our Real Estream Pros will make your carpet look NEW again!

Real Estream is available for all devices.