Terms and Conditions

Real Estream is pleased to provide its services to you; however, Real Estream provides its services to the public subject to your absolute agreement to all terms and conditions listed herein. Please read the Terms and Conditions Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) carefully and if you do not agree with any of the Terms and Conditions listed below, please stop accessing our services, websites, and applications immediately. By continuing to use or using our services, websites, applications, you are expressly agreeing to all Terms and Conditions listed below.

Real Estream operates through its websites (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) or through its mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as “App”). Real Estream provides multiple services to you and other users (hereinafter referred to as “Service”).

Real Estream Inc operates under Real Estream and through this Agreement we will use words (We, Us, Our) to refer to Real Estream Inc and its affiliates, partners, and subsidiaries. Through this Agreement, we refer to the users as “You”.  

Please note that this Agreement constitutes all terms and conditions between us and you.


You understand and acknowledge that this Agreement will be updated on regular basis, and you will be provided with an opportunity to access any updated terms and conditions of this Agreement. In the event that you agree to the new terms and conditions, you will be permitted to continue using our service, website, and app. If you did not agree with any terms or conditions of the updated version of this Agreement, you will be denied access to our service, website, and app.

Age of Majority

By using our service, website, or app, you confirm that you are of the age of majority at the jurisdiction that you are accessing our service, website, or app from. If you are not of the age of majority at your jurisdiction, you must cease using our service, website, and app immediately.

Service Provided by Real Estream

You understand and acknowledge that our service is to connect the Home Service Providers with our users who use our website or app. Despite we regular review the performance of the Home Service Providers and the satisfaction rate of our users, we do not claim or perform any of the work required by the users and we have no control over the service providers. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not guarantee the quality of work, time of rendering the requested service, failure to complete the service in a timely manner, failure to perform the requested service, any damages caused as a result of the Home Service Provider whether directly or indirectly.

You acknowledge that we expressly deny any and all liabilities or responsibilities for any damages caused to any party in any transaction completed on our service or website or app whether to the Home Service Provider or to the User as we do not have any control to supervise or to interfere in any service between the Home Service Provider and Users.

Requesting for Service

The User will be able to post a request for a specific service (hereinafter referred to as “Request”) home on our website or app. The user is solely responsible for providing a clear, accurate, and honest description of the required service. Upon posting the Request, the user acknowledges that the made an offer to the Home Service Provider where the Home Service Provider may accept or reject the User’s offer. In the event that the User offer has been accepted by the Home Service Provider, the User can only cancel the accepted offer in the following situations:

1-    The Home Service Provider did not depart to the Requested service location; 

2-    The Home Service Provider did not open a profile   

In the event that the Requested Home Service is a legal service, the User can only cancel his request in the event that the Legal Practitioner did not start working on the file which will be confirmed by the time of confirming the commencement of the work via email from the legal practitioner to the User confirming the same.

Upon accepting your offer by the Home Service Provider, we will provide you with the Home Service Provider’s contact information such as, Home Service Provider’s corporate legal name, phone number, contact person, estimated time of arrival, and any other available information that could be useful for our Users.

By submitting an offer, you expressly confirm that you have the absolute legal right to permit the Home Service Provider to access the premises without any further permissions from any other party, you or your representative who is at least of the Age of Majority in the jurisdiction that the service will be rendered in, and you or your representative will be available at the premises at the time of the Home Service Provider arrival.

Timing of Service

We offer two types of timing for the service requested: 1) On-Demand Service and 2) Later Service. Regardless of your selection, we will communicate your requested services with the Home Service Providers who provide the requested service through the reasonably available method available to us. However, we cannot guarantee in any way the availability of the Home Service Provider for the service provided by the User. There are multiple factors that can impact the availability of the requested service including, but not limited to, the premises’ location for the service requested, the requested service, the availability of the Home Service Provider, weather condition, and many other factors that are not in our control.

For the avoidance of doubt, we neither guarantee that the requested service will be provided within the time requested nor that the requested service will be provided to you.


No cancellation fees: The User can cancel the Request at any time without incurring any charges if the Request is canceled prior to the acceptance of the Request by the Service Provider. 

The User will not be charged for the cancelation of the Requested Service if the Home Service Provider did not arrive at the premises to perform the requested service.

After accepting the job by the service provider, cancellation fees may apply based on the type of service requested as follow:

Type 1: NO CANCELLATION fees to Lawyers and Real Estate Agent, mortgage brokers services. (Unless the user would agree with the service provider differently in a separate agreement).

Type 2: Applies to the following are the service providers:  Movers

Once the Movers services enroute the request. Cancellation fees of $300 (based on 2 men and truck) will be charged to the customer. (Fees are subject to change based on the number of trucks and workers, service market value).

Type 3: Cancelation of On-Demand Service. Applies to the following services: 

Sign creation, home disinfection, duct cleaning, photo/video, electrical, appraisal, inspection, junk removal, plumbing, pool services, handyman, virtual staging, carpet cleaning, painting, home cleaning, sign installation, staging consultation.

If the on-demand service provider is enroute, and the user cancels, they will be charged $100 cancellation fees. (Fees are subject to change based on service market value) 

Full-service charge applies: The User will incur the full cost of the Service Requested and cannot cancel the Request once the Home Service Provider arrived at the Service’s location. 

If the Pro at the customer site and the job is In Progress or Completed, full amount will be charged

Cancellation by Home Services Providers

If the Home Service Providers cancels the accepted Request for any reason, your Request will be reposted within our website or app for other Home Service Providers to accept your Request. However, you understand that there is no obligation or liability that may result against us from any cancellation by the Home Service Provider for any requested service or the availability of an alternative Home Service Provider that he/she/it is willing to provide you the requested service under any circumstances.

Safety and Due Diligence

While we commit to facilitate the Service to our Users, it is the User’s responsibility to conduct the required due diligence in hiring the Home Service Provider. The User shall not understand or assume that the description provided by the Home Service Provider is correct and accurate or assume that we guarantee that the Home Service Provider is certified, qualified, or competent to conduct the requested Service. The User must also ensure their own safety and the safety of his/her/its property.

We hereby expressly deny any (Warrantee)

User Registration Requirements

By creating an account on our website or app, you undertake that you are providing full, complete, accurate, and up-to-date information about your profile. You may also create an account for a legal entity such as a corporation, by doing so, you undertake that you are authorized and have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement and any other agreements on behalf of the legal entity as well as having the legal authority to bind the corporation.

During your registration process, you will be required to disclose your personal, legal, and financial information in order for us to be able to provide you the services on our website or app. You will be required to provide your full legal name, address, email address, phone number, credit card, bank account, financial institution, and corporate information if applicable.

By registering on our website or appl, you confirm that you are of the age of majority at the jurisdiction that you reside in as well as the jurisdiction where the service requested to be rendered in.

You have your own obligation to keep safe your personal, legal, and financial information secured at all times by not sharing your account information with any other person in order to prevent any unauthorized use by any third party.

We have the absolute discretion to stop the process of registration, suspend, or terminate your account without cause and without providing you with any notice of the same.

We do not guarantee your access to your account, if the matter resulted from an act of god or any other matters that we cannot control such as, but not limited to, the connection errors, disruption of internet, hosting, etc.

Our Rule and Applicable Fees

Our rule is solely to coordinate between you and the Home Service Providers in connection with collecting payments. We are expressly denying that we will act as a party of any contractual obligation or agreement between you and the Home Service Provide. You acknowledge and understand that we are not a Home Service Provider and we do not provide you or any other party with any service except coordinating the payment between the parties who use our website or app.

Fees on our Website or App

You acknowledge that the fees listed on our website or app are subject to the sole discretion of our company and can be subject to change at any time. You also acknowledge that we have the sole discretion to include, add, remove any of the services categories on our website or app at any time without any obligation to provide you with prior notice.  All prices will be listed on our website or app are only the prices associated with the requested services. The fees listed on our website or app do not include disbursement such as but are not limited to, any materials required associated with the service required or software.

Payment and Billing

By submitting your Request for a Service on our website or app, you undertake to honour and pay all invoices associated with the Requested Service (hereinafter referred as to “Invoice”). You also undertake to pay all charges in the Invoice including but not limited to the cost of the Service, taxes, disbursement associated with the Service, and late Cancelation Fees. You undertake to settle any and all Invoices issued by us in accordance with Services requested on our website or app. You acknowledge that any discrepancies resulted from any subsequent arrangement between you and the Home Service Provider, our Invoice will be the final determining the financial obligation against you which to be paid in full by you. Any direct agreement that you may make with the Home Service Provider directly will not apply unless the agreement between you and the Home Service Provider receives approval in writing by us. We determine the Invoices based on specific information that we receive from the Home Service Provider concerning the Service Requested and all other associated costs with the Service Requested. Upon issuing your Invoice and completing the job of the Required Service, we will charge your credit card provided on your account or any other method of payment that we may make it available. By registering your credit card with us and submitting a Request for Service, you are expressly providing us with your authorization to pre-authorize the payment from your credit card or any method of payment we may make it available for you. In the event of not being able to process your payment for any reason, you undertake to pay the value of the Invoice immediately within no later than 5 business days by and other methods. All payment processing for any service is not refundable, unless otherwise expressly provided by us. You will be also allowed to pay for the Requested Service partially or fully by using any credit available on your account subject to any specific restrictions to such available credit.

Promotional Credits

We may at our sole discretion provide you with a credit as a promotion (hereinafter referred to as “Promotional Credit”). You understand and acknowledge that we have the sole discretion in determining the Promotional Credit value, validity, scope, or any other restriction that we might determine, and we have the sole discretion to remove any promotional credit at any time from your account without providing you notice.  you understand that the Promotional Credits cannot be transferred to any other person or entity and do not qualify for cash.  

Fees to be Charged

As of this moment, we do not have paid plan(s) or subscription plan(s) for our users who browse our website and app and request Services on our website or download our app. However, if we introduce in the future paid plan(s), service(s), or subscription(s), we will notify you and you will have the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out at any time. If you decided to opt-out you should be able to access your free account profile or free services provided on our Website or App. You must consent to the terms of the paid plan(s) or subscription plan(s) prior to be able to access the benefits under the paid plan or subscription.

Third-Party Access to Your Personal and Financial Information

We process your payments through a third party (hereinafter referred to as “Payment Processor”). We will be providing the Payment Processor with your credit card or bank account information as well as your personal information in order to ensure the security and safety of all payments. By doing so, you undertake and acknowledge to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Payment Processor as well as their Privacy Policy and any charges or arrears of charges.

Tax Obligations

We do not collect taxes in our Invoices on behalf of any party. The amount paid by you on our website or application is including taxes, and the taxes collected under any invoice will be completely paid to the Home Service Provider. You must be fully responsible for all tax obligations to the Canada Revenue Agency and you undertake to indemnify and hold us harmless including Real Estream Companies, directors, shareholders, officers, employees, agents, partners, contractors, affiliates from any harm, damages, claims related to our coordination between you and the Home Service Provider including our reasonable legal fees to defend any harm that may result from any claim in relation to Canada Revenue Agency.

Permitted Activities and Services

All Users and Home Service Provider must undertake to comply with the provided and approved services by us. You cannot use our website or app to provide or request for a service that is not expressly listed in our website or app and you cannot provide or Request for a service that is legally prohibited in your jurisdiction.

You are not permitted to use or utilize our website or application for any illegal activities or in a way that can cause harm to any other users or other Home Service Provider, or for any sexual contact, phonography, or promote prostitution.

You may post logos, pictures, text, or any other form of content (hereinafter referred to as a “Content”) on our website or app that are related to the services categories or services authorized on our website or app, by posting your content on our website or app, you give us an explicit authorization to publish, distribute and share your content with any other Users or Home Service Provider or even public. You may be able to delete your content, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove your content from the internet or from other Users’ and Home Service Providers’ accounts. We reserve the absolute discretion to temporarily or permanently remove any of your content or any other Users’ content without providing a reason or a notice for such removal.  

Any content created by us remains forever our property and you cannot claim it, we only provide you with a revocable license to use it which can be terminated at any time without providing you with a notice for termination. Our property means all codes, websites, and application’s contents, graphics, designs, and logos.

We don’t Warrantee that our service will be available at all times or in the future. We also do not guarantee that the Home Service Providers will be available to provide you with the Requested Service within the time requested or providing you the service at all. We also do not warrant the quality of the Service provided to you by the Home Service Providers.

Home Service Providers and Professional Service Providers

If you are a Home Service Provider or a Professional Service Provider, you must comply with all terms and conditions listed herein and all other agreements and policies in addition to the following:

You must provide the required information requested from you at the time of your registration including documentation, certificates, licenses, business registration or certificate of incorporation, tax information, your business information such as address, phone number, email address, and your legal company’s name. 

Upon the approval of the Service Provider’s Application, the Service Provider acknowledges that We will give the Service Provider access to our clients’ list and users in order for the Service Provider to provide his/her/its services to our clients and users. The Service Provider undertakes and acknowledges that the Service Provider shall not attempt to provide the required services to our clients and users outside the platform, Website, or App, exchange the Service Provider’s business cards with clients or users, avoiding paying the required fees to Us, or violate any of the terms and conditions of our agreements, and policies, restrictions announced or updated by Us. 

We shall have the absolute power and discretion to terminate the Service Provider agreement with Us at any time without providing a termination notice in the event of the breach by the Service Provider to any of the provision stated in this Agreement, other agreements, and policies, restrictions announced or updated by Us. 

Service Provider agrees and undertakes to provide a safe, secure, reputable, and professional service to our Users at all time. Any damages, or loss caused to our Users, whether intentionally or unintentionally including, but is not limited to, criminal conducts, the Service Provider will be solely and completely liable on personal or corporate capacity. By registering with us you consent to act as a personal indemnifier to your company, employees, agents or any third party that act on your behalf.  

At any time, the Service Provider refuses to accept any updated terms and conditions of Our forms, agreements, and policies, or restrictions, We shall have the absolute discretion to terminate the Agreement with the Service Provider. 


We reserve the absolute discretion to terminate your account for any reason. At the time of terminating your account.

Disclosure to Authority

We might be required under the law to disclose your personal information such as orders from a competent court or law enforcement bodies in relation to any fraud or criminal conduct.

Governing law

The Province of Ontario laws and courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes resulted from any term of this agreement.

No Waiver

The non-enforceability of any part of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver by us.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us and it supersedes all other former oral or written agreement and you agreed to be bound with this agreement and any update of this agreement.